I Swear I’m Not Obsessed

I do not own a laptop or a netbook or a blackberry or even an iPhone. Call me behind the times whatever but I do have a desktop. So the past couple days, I went down to the Cape(Cod) to visit my mother at her beach house and she doesn’t have a computer down there or anything. So what should be a couple nice relaxing days by the beach is nothing of the sort.

I was losing my damn mind. I was having serious withdrawals being away from my computer. No seriously sweaty palms, fidgety, the works. I’m not even exaggerating, ask Gena and Jenna, they had to put up with my non-stop text messages. How is it that something I lived without owning up until about five years ago, I can’t seem to live without now? I couldn’t stand not being able to check my email and approve comments on my blog. What if by some miracle someone famous was trying to get a hold of me on twitter or something? What if I miss something so big and so huge, like Dooce visiting my blog?

Okay, so its all a little drastic, i know. But I couldn’t even just google something real quick. And its not like I sit my ass in front of my computer all day either. I mean, seriously…..heh, who does that? Alright, so sometimes I do. Honestly though, I just like having the option to jump on the world wide web whenever I feel like it. Had I had a laptop or a netbook or anything, I would have been able to relax, even if i only used it for like 5 minutes. The option would be there.

As pathetic as this may sound, I left the Cape earlier than planned because I couldn’t take it. I think most of it is in part due to BlogHer and how I feel like i have so much more that needs to get done before I go, ie. shopping. Before you start thinking that I am some blogging junky who really has no life other than her computer, let me just say that my mothers house on the Cape is only about an hour away from my house. No biggie. I tend to go down ALOT anyways. It’s not like it was a real vacation.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a Netbook. Not a laptop, just a netbook. I don’t need to upload my pictures or music or anything like that…I have all that on my desktop. I just need something that I can carry around with me and check my email and blog from. Thats all. I’m on the hunt for a Netbook, any suggestions?? I was looking at the cute Dell mini netbooks. Hmmm..


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  1. LOL Oh but we missed you!!! It depends on what you are looking for? Price range too. :) HELP!

  2. I probably would have left too. I can't stand being away from a computer for too long. My husband doesn't understand but it's my tool for networking, blogging, writing, twitter, facebook and so much more.

    We use a large laptop as our desktop and just bought a mini laptop. It was an inspiron and it was only $400canadian. I won't put any music or pictures on it but I'll be able to search the internet from anywhere

  3. GypsyFox says:

    LMAO glad to see you made it..hehehhee

  4. Jenn@ The Crazies says:

    First off… Love the new header.. Second.. wish we had better weather this week and could have gotten together :(
    I have a dell laptop and it was worth every dime we spent. We just bought a second one for my teen and the kids to share so we have an extra… will be taking it w/ me to Disney next week! Cant live w/ out it!

  5. Totally_Toni says:

    OMG I would die now that i have a MacBook without it, how in the world were you planning on doing blogher without your computer I would go into shock LOL.

    I vote the MacBook, best ever purchase of my entire computer life, which has only been since 06 :) I will never be a PC girl again and plan on updating my desktop to an Apple as well.

    The price seems steep but it really is worth it :)

  6. Totally_Toni says:

    Um scratch my last comment LOL obviously I didn't read to the bottom before commenting. I would go with HP if you are set on a netbook and not a laptop. Until apple comes out with one I will stick to this LOL

  7. JoeyfromSC says:

    haha@that picture!!

    I recently got an Acer netbook..LOVE IT!! You would too!! Very portable and perfect for doing like you said..just being able to jump online at a moment's notice..The 10.5 inch screen took some getting used to, but it's awesome!

    Good luck with which ever brand you choose! I like that this one has an Atom processor(smaller than the size of a penny!) so it's fast and doesn't get hot much!

  8. Akira07 says:

    Great blogger like you is need netbook so you can blogging everywhere. I'm support you and pray for you to get netbook. Anyway, i recommend MacBook.

    I'm also have contest info. See @mpora on twitter. He is on giving away 4 macbook.

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