I Went to a Mardi Gras Ball

The Ball stage area

The Ball stage area

The other night I went to my very first Mardi Gras Ball.  I posted the other day about the parade and the dress shopping, so you already know what my dress looks like.

Prior to the Ball, we got our hair, makeup done and pedicures!  Balls are fancy and it gave us all an excuse to really get dolled up.  I mean how often do you really get to?  Weddings and proms…that’s about it.  So we took advantage and lived it up!

Okay so onto the important part:  The actual Ball with Trisha , her husband Chris, and Lynsey.

Trisha’s husband is part of a Krewe for the Mystic Stripers so we got to sit in the floor seats with all the people who are involved in the parade and Ball.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve never attended a Ball of any kid before, but this was way cooler than I had expected.

There’s a King and a Queen of the Ball (she was super young, just a college kid and the King was actually her father) who come out and stand up on this grandiose stage. Krewe members in the parade get announced by the M.C. and they come out of the wings to some loud music, they bow to the Queen, then come down on the dance floor and dance.  They are supposed to be entertaining the Queen.  I was thoroughly entertained and dancing in my seat.  Especially when the guys would come out and slide across the dance floor or start break dancing.

Trisha, Blondie, Lynsey Pre-Ball  pictures

Trisha, Blondie, Lynsey Pre-Ball pictures

Oh and all the Krewe members wear masks because they are supposed to be anonymous…dates back to the old traditions which is really cool.

After all the Krewes and their dates were announced the King and Queen come down and walk around the entire floor waving.  As they walked around, spectators were throwing doubloons at the Queen.  Which shocked me at first because I’ve never seen or heard of that before.  Remember, I’ve never experienced anything like this. (I did manage to snag a couple doubloons for myself after)

Candid formal shots

Candid formal shots

The Queen then introduces special people in her life by handing them bouquets of flowers- then comes the King and Queen dance.  It was kind of like being at a Royal Wedding….at least in my head that’s what I would compare it to, not that I’ve been to a Royal Wedding but this is how I would picture it.  Her dress was incredibly gorgeous and made especially for her.  And her train….exquisite.

Unfortunately, the lighting was terrible in there so I didn’t get any pictures.  Everyone was a giant white blurb in my pics.

After that, it was food and drink time.  Did I mention it was open bar?!  Oh yeah. All night open bar in every room. So we meandered over to our assigned room and grabbed some food and drinks.  Afterwards, we walked around the stadium going from room to room, eating drinking, and dancing.  Each room offered different food and music so you could wander in and out as you pleased.

At the Ball having a grand ole time!

At the Ball having a grand ole time!

We spent most of the night out on the main dance floor in the main arena listening and dancing to two different bands play.  Near the end of the night we found the Kings room which had a DJ.  More our speed.  So we danced for a while longer before leaving just before it ended which was 2am.

Mardi Gras down here is such a huge celebration.  Everywhere you go, everything is decorated for Mardi Gras and people are wearing beads.  Its such a fun experience all around just to be in this atmosphere.  I’m so glad that I’ve been able to experience it and I really hope it won’t be the last time because it was just such a blast.

The walk back to the hotel

The walk back to the hotel


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE…. now send me those pictures LOL

  2. Donna Amado says:

    What the heck is a doubloon? Looks like you had fun! You looked so beautiful….

    • LOL, a doubloon is a coin that they would throw at royalty back in the day. The ones they threw the other night were plastic.

  3. Your hair looks adorable even on that last picture!!!


  4. Love it all! You are all so beautiful. Glad you had FUN!

  5. You all look amazing! It’s hard not to have a fun time when you get all glammed up and there is an open bar :)

  6. That sounds AMAZING! And you ladies look beautiful!

  7. Looks like a blast. I love your dress, the purple looks so good on you.

  8. Your dress is beautiful. Sounds like a fun time!

  9. You gals looked beautiful! Wish I could have made it down to party with you!

  10. i like the shot of your shoes slung over your shoulders, it’s like a gratifying “walk of shame” LOL

  11. You all look lovely :)

  12. It seriously looks like such a blast! What an experience!

  13. Sounds like a grown up prom. Love it!

  14. Love your dress!!

    all three of you look beautiful!

  15. You 3 are so cute! Looks like you are ready for Prom!

  16. My lord you girls looked AMAZING!

  17. What a great time! I’m sure made even better b/c of the company you were in! xo

  18. Y’all look so glamorous! I didn’t realize that it was such a big deal (obviously I’ve never gone). It looks like so much fun!

  19. You ladies look gorgeous! I’ve never been to a Mardi Gras Ball. Sounds like a lot of fun!

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